Koonambil Village provides self-care accommodation in spacious two-bedroom units separate from the residential aged care facility. Eight newly built two-bedroom, self-contained independent living units are self-furnished with whitegoods supplied.

The self-contained units offer modern open-plan living with a separate lock-up garage, reverse-cycle air conditioners and ceiling fans. The units, along the banks of the Castlereagh River, are situated in beautiful, serene gardens which are fully maintained by Koonambil staff, but allow for keen gardeners, ensuring comfort and homeliness for residents.


This lifestyle option includes the freedom of independent living. All units have an attached garage, plus parking space in all driveways. Security is ensured; each unit is fitted with key locks, crim-safe gauze and hard wired smoke alarms. All residents, key staff and emergency services have individual automatic gate openers which provide access to Koonambil Village perimeter fencing.


Residents of Koonambil Village enjoy maximised winter sun and summer shade from their due north facing units.

FAQ about Koonambil Village

Who pays for the water rates, telephone, council rates, power, internet, TV subscriptions and insurance?

Koonambil pays for

  • water rates
  • council rates
  • building insurance

The resident pays for

  • telephone
  • power
  • Foxtel
  • contents insurance
  • blinds and curtains
What are the financial considerations?

The cost of an Independent Living Unit at Koonambil Village represents an interest free loan to Koonambil Aged Care Limited, in return for which the resident receives a licence to occupy the unit. Your money is safe and controlled by the terms of the contract between the resident and Koonambil.

Payment of $200,000 with a 6% per annum reduction for the first 5 years.

This provides for the resident to pay an interest free loan to Koonambil Aged Care Limited.  When the unit is no longer required, the outgoing resident (or their estate) receives the original amount paid, less 6% of this amount for each year of occupation (calculated on a daily pro-rata basis).

Recurrent charges relate to the provision of services and include things such as management and administration services, gardening and general maintenance.  The cost of these services is 25% of the single base aged pension for one tenant and 20% of the combined aged pension for couples.

How long do we have to pay for the unit after I have vacated it?

When the premises are permanently vacated, recurrent charges cease as soon as the resident (or in the case of the resident’s death, the resident’s estate) returns keys to Koonambil management and the final inspection of the unit has been carried out.

Can a resident in Koonambil Village have automatic transfer into Residential Aged Care at Koonambil?

Residential Aged Care places at Koonambil are allocated on an assessed needs basis. Residents of Koonambil Village and all members of the broader community have equal access to Residential Aged Care places.

If there is a vacancy at the time a resident of Koonambil Village is seeking Residential Aged Care, and the resident meets criteria including an Aged Care Client Approval, it may be possible for that resident to move from Koonambil Village to Residential Aged Care.

What happens if I go away for a month?

Fees continue as normal.

Who maintains the grounds and the building?

Koonambil is responsible for coordinating the grounds and buildings to be maintained. The cost of this work forms part of the recurrent charges paid on a fortnightly basis.

What other services are available at Koonambil Village?

Personal care, Cleaning, Catering i.e. Meals on Wheels, in home care, or your own private arrangements

Can I have guests to stay?

Yes. We encourage residents to keep links with relatives, friends and other people from outside the Village. Visitors or short stay guests are welcome any time. A visitor or short stay guest is someone who visits during the day or stays overnight for up to two weeks.

You must seek Koonambil management consent if you want to have a guest live with you on a temporary basis. A temporary guest is somebody other than a spouse or de facto who intends to stay for more than two weeks.

If my partner is Residential Aged Care at Koonambil can they spend the day in my unit?

Yes, but Koonambil does not provide care services to the independent living units.

Can I create my own garden?

Yes. Your garden should complement the existing landscaping and should be discussed with management. You are responsible for maintaining your garden.

Can I have a BBQ on my patio area?

Yes, residents will be responsible for the cleaning of their own BBQ and appropriate storage of gas cylinders. You must ensure that smoke from the BBQ does not enter the unit.

Can I have a pet?

Unfortunately it is not practical for pets to be kept in Koonambil Village.