Visitor Guidelines


Koonambil can host visitors under the following guidelines


  • Residents can have unlimited numbers of visitors
  • Visitors must wear a surgical mask at all times (children under 3 years are exempt due to choking hazard)
  • Visits can take place across the facility
  • All visitors must undertake a Rapid Antigen Test before they enter. This test must be supervised by Koonambil Staff, please bring your RAT with you, press the front doorbell and await staff instructions. Visitors must be screened using Rapid Antigen Testing prior to every visit.
  • Visitors must still be screened as per our usual screening processes and a wellness declaration undertaken.
  • Visiting hours are Monday to Sunday 8.30 am- 4.30pm- No need to book a visit.
  • Residents can leave the Facility to outings in the community. Please advise staff on departure and return times

Koonambil’s core business and reason for being is to provide aged care for our community in a safe environment.